Papermerge DMS

I have nothing against paper. Paper is a brilliant invention of humanity. But in the 21st century I find it more appropriate for paper-based documents to be digitized (scanned). Once scanned, appropriate software can be used to find any document in a fraction of a second, just by typing a few keywords.

Papermerge is a document management system designed to work with scanned documents. As well as OCR with full text search, it provides the look and feel of major modern file browsers, with a hierarchical structure for files and folders, so that you can organize your documents in a similar way to Dropbox (via web) or Google Drive.

What It Does

  • It OCRs your documents

  • Provides you nice user interface to easly browse your documents

  • Augments your documents with Metadata

  • Helps you instantly find your documents:

    • based on extracted text
    • based on Metadata
  • Helps you fix scanned documents issues

What It Doesn’t Do

  • It does not take control of your documents. Documents are stored on filesystem in a simple and intuitive manner so that you can take snapshot of your data at any time.
  • It does not stay in your way when you make decisions about your data.

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