With this method you will need git, docker and docker-compose installed.

  1. Install Docker

  2. Install docker-compose

  3. Clone Papermerge Repository:

    git clone papermerge-proj
  4. Run docker compose command (which will pull images from DockerHub):

    cd papermerge-proj/docker
    docker-compose up -d

This will pull and start the necessary containers. If you wish, you can use docker-compose -f docker-compose-dev.yml up --build -d command instead to build local images.

Check if services are up and running:

docker-compose ps

Papermerge Web Service is available at http://localhost:8000 For initial sign in use:

URL: http://localhost:8000
username: admin
password: admin

You can check logs of each service with:

docker-compose logs worker
docker-compose logs app
docker-compose logs db

Main App, Worker or Both?

The command docker-compose up starts three containers:

  • main app (exact container name is papermerge_app)
  • worker (exact container name is papermerge_worker)
  • postgres_db

By default, both main app and worker container will have their own copy of In case you want to change/adjust you need to take into account for whom that configuration applies. All Settings have in their description a field context with one of three values:

  1. main app
  2. worker
  3. main app, worker

In first and second cases configuration needs to be changed only on main app or worker respectively. When context field states main app, worker - it means that respective configuration variable must be changed on both main app AND worker to function properly.