Page Management

Screencast demo

Page management is new set of features of Papermerge to manage pages. In other words you can delete, reorder, cut and paste pages.

Many times scanning documents in bulk results in documents with blank pages; some pages my be out of order or maybe part of totally different document. Even if user notices these flaws immediately it is time consuming and frustrating to redo scanning process. Thus it is a welcome feature of Papermerge to allow user to fix out of order pages in application.

Delete Page(s)

Delete those blank pages. Although my scanner has automatic “remove blank pages” feature, it misses some blank page. So I find it very practical to allow user to remove blank pages by himself/herself.

Reorder Pages

Out of order pages occur very often during scanning process. Papermerge allows users to change pages order within the document.

Cut & Paste

You can move document pages around from one document to another. Once you cut one or several pages from a document, you can paste them either inside another document - pages will become part of new document or you can paste pages in file browser, this will create entirely new document from cut pages.