Right Tool for You?

To be efficient you always need to choose right tool for the problem. Because Document Management is too generic - I think that a definition of what is a Document in context of this software is needed.

What is a Document?

For Papermerge a document is anything which is a good candidate for archiving - some piece of information which is not editable but you need to store it for future reference. For example receipts are perfect examples - you don’t need to read receipts everyday, but eventually you will need them for your tax declaration. In this sense - scanned documents, which are usually in PDF or TIFF format, are perfect match.

PDF (Portable Document Format) is de facto standard for storing archived documents. In correct technical terms - it is PDF/A subset. PDF/A differs from PDF by prohibiting features unsuitable for long-term archiving, such as font linking and encryption.

Most of the modern office scanners will output scanned files in PDF/A format. This is why, PDF is practically synonymous for document in context of Papermerge.

What is Not a Document?

Out of scope (at least for near future) are Office documents (ODT, DOCX, spreadsheets, presentations etc), text files (notes); these files are usually editable. In the future, Papermerge might support Office documents (ODT etc). In such case support for office documents will be provided as external plugins/Addon.

Papermerge is simply not designed to store books. Yes, you can scan a book and import it in Papermege, but again - this is not what Papermerge was designed for.